coming events

silent meditation - april to october in diana tempel on the first monday of the month, 7pm

winter break until march. first dates in 2021: April 5, May 3.


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meditation and kirtan day

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videoclips and pictures from past events

June 2016: Summer Solstice Event in Munich

Silent meditation - Chanting with Philipp Stegmüller - 108 times Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) with Britta Oehler
Open gathering on June 21st 2016 in the Diana Temple in Hofgarten
(Photography by Susanne Hesping)

May 2016: 1. Night of Song at the Nature Community in Schönsee, Oberpfalz

October 2015: 1. Munich Eye Contact Experiment

June 2014: 1. Munich Love Mob

September 2013: BE THE PEACE Event

September 2013: MedMob and Dancing in the Park

May 2013: 3. Munich SoundMob

October 2012: 2. Munich SoundMob


Anugraha Hamblin - Chanting
Center of  the Golden One, Taufkirchen - Meditation and Support
Cornelia Leisch - Lachyoga
Karin Magnus - Percussion
Madhuri Kalyan - Art of Living Yoga
Mahendra Myshkin - Initialising, Chanting, Filming, Web
Manuela Zapf - Augenkontakt Experiment
Martin Hofmann - Resonanz Zentrum
Philipp Stegmüller - Mantra Singing
Sakshi Widl - Native Blue Spirit
Siri Kirpal - Kundalini Yoga
Vera Griebert-Schröder -
Wolfgang Friederich - Klangheilzentrum München
Wacha Nabi -