places of worship

One thing that distinguishes humans from other sentient beings, is their capacity to worship and perform rituals. In most cultures special places have been assigned for this purpose, where people are meeting for spiritual cleansing, healing or praying.

Har Ki Pauri Ghats
Aarti (fire worship) at Har Ki Pauri Ghats in Haridwar

Here are some remarkable examples:

  • Göbekli Tepe
  • The Oldest Temple in the World

    • Meteora
    • Medieval Greek Monasteries

    • Delphi
    • Ancient Greek Town with Temple Sites

    • Mystras
    • Medieval Peloponnese Town with Monasteries

    • Sanchi
    • Ancient Buddhist Stupas and Monastery in Central India

    • Meenakshi Mandir
    • Huge Hindu Temple in Madurai, Tamil Nadu

    • Kedarnath
    • Shiva's biggest temple in the Himalayas

    • Badrinath
    • Great pilgrimage site and Vishnu temple in the Himalayas

    • Chitrakoot
    • Ancient pilgrimage site in central India

    • Bali
    • The Island of the Gods

    • Glastonbury
    • An ancient place of ritual and worship in Somerset