(an ancient place of ritual and worship in Somerset)

About 250 BCE there was an iron age settlement. Then, according to legend, Joseph of Arimathea travelled from the Holy Land to Britain, bringing the Holy Grail with him and then burying it in a secret place. In their quests King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table searched for this Grail. After Joseph arrived in Britain with his twelve followers he established the first monastery at Glastonbury and built the first wattle church; in one version of the story Christ himself travelled with Joseph from the Holy Land and helped in the building work. On Glastonbury Tor (a hill in the plains) a medieval building was discovered and the ancient tower has been restored. The ruins of Glastonbury Abbey are still giving proof of the flourishing medieval monastery, which was abandoned in the 16th century. The Chalice Well is a fountain that apparently never dried out, because it was supposedly the hiding place of the Holy Grail.
Around these ancient locations many legends have been created and Glastonbury has become one of the New Age capitals of Great Britain.

pictures from pixabay, by Wieslaw Majczuk and others