Mikistly Ozelot – Aztec Shaman

Deborah Brackman, who lives in a lovely retreat center close to the Costa Rican Pacific coast, has been working with various spiritual traditions all her life. Some years ago she met Mikistly, a shamanic healer from the Aztec people, who introduced her to the traditional techniques of the Red Road, like vision quests, sun dances, moon dances and more. He has been initiating groups of people in Costa Rica, Colombia and Brazil, who are practicing these traditions. If you are interested, please inquire at mx[at]planetoflove.net.

Deborah collected Mikistly’s talks about the path of the indigenous people of North and Middle America:

The Red Road – Talks with Mikistly Ozelot by Deborah Brackman


Some members of the Costa Rican group with Mikistly standing in the middle and Deborah with hat