Svayambunath means self-born (svayambhu) temple (nath). It is an ancient hill temple, situated on the outskirts of Kathmandu, a sanctuary for Buddhists and Hindus alike, and a Buddhist monastery. It is also the home of many monkeys, which are revered as divine animals.

wikimedia commons – public domain

At the center of the temple compound is the great stupa – a solid dome with a tower on top. On each side of the tower are the eyes of Buddha, guarding over the four directions of the universe. Devotees are circling the stupa in clockwise direction and with a little push of their hands they rotate the prayer mills along the pathway.

wikimedia commons – Nabin K. Sapkota

Next to the central stupa various smaller stupas and temples are available for the worshippers.

wikimedia commons – by Prashant Koirala